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Course Condtions Update

Thank you all for your feedback, and we understand your frustration. We are putting all of our resources into returning Cypress Creek to the high standards our golfers have come to expect. The recent overseeding of the greens has not taken off as quickly as we hoped, so we are undertaking additional efforts to promote the growth. 

Many factors have contributed to the recent challenging course conditions. Detailing each would take far too long, and the ultimate information we all want to know is; when will the greens be better. We performed the overseed project Christmas Eve expecting it to be a nice Christmas present to our loyal guests, but it has not improved the greens to the extent we expected. We are spot seeding portions of the greens and expect to have consistent, better greens by February.

Our course conditions may fluctuate, but our commitment to a spectacular customer experience while at our clubhouse, enjoying the Tru Shots Bar & Grill or playing the unique course layout will never falter. We try our best to be up front and realistic with our current conditions, and set our price accordingly. We value your support as we work through these condition issues, and hope to see you around soon!

-Tony Marino, General Manager