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Cypress Creek Summer Maintenance Update

We are sure many of you have questions on the upcoming projects at Cypress Creek Country Club. May will be a busy month for us as we begin cultural practices to improve playing conditions. The first of these will take place on May 6th with a Curfew Soil Fumigation of the greens. The nature of this process requires the facility to be closed the day of application. This process will be done to improve the plant roots of the turf by injecting a gas directly into the turf to reduce the population of Nematodes – insects that feed on the roots of grass making grass root structures difficult to maintain. This is a widely used process, especially in South Florida.

We also have two other projects planned for the month of May with a Greens aerification on May 18th and resurfacing of the practice greens in the following days.

We continue to strive to improve Cypress Creek and return the playing conditions to the level deserved by our guests. We thank you for you continued support this summer!