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Monthly Tips from PGA Professional Mike Walsh

One of the most misunderstood rules in golf is the Water Hazard Rule (Rule 26).  Why you ask? Because it depends…it depends upon the color of the hazard marker whether red or yellow has significant procedures you must follow. Remember Tiger Woods last year on #15 at the Masters when he hit his ball in the water after it ricocheted off the pin? He then dropped the ball in the wrong place and played his ball into the hole…and was penalized an additional 2 strokes. Don’t make that mistake! Rule 26 states that a regular water hazard (yellow stakes or lines) has 2 options: 1) Play from the previous spot or 2) keeping where your ball went into the water and the pin, you may go back along the line as far as you want. Lateral water hazard (red stakes or lines) has one additional option which is you may drop your ball outside the hazard  within two club-lengths on the opposite side of the hazard equidistant from the spot your ball last crossed the hazard, no closer to the hole. Know your rules J