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The Masters

Spring is in the air and often starts in the minds of many golf patrons when the Masters golf tournament rolls around the 2nd week in April.  The smell of dogwoods, birds chirping, and the glistening beauty of the grounds of Augusta National bring springtime rushing forward.  But with all of these surreal qualities, there is some golf to play here… All of the 7400 plus yards!! 

It was my first experience back in 1994 where I decided to make the trip to Augusta National where it became an experience unmatched by any other.  Every hole, a thing of beauty and brawn with its layout that has changed in some form every year.  Watching the best players attempt to conquer this masterpiece has always had its stories to reminisce about.  There are so many things that I remember about the course that no person can appreciate fully until you have made the journey.  The southern charm of the people that attend the Masters is unbelievable with their kindness and hospitality.  The pimento cheese sandwich, chips, and a cold beer to wash ‘em down. And the gourmet meal can get no better… for about five dollars I might add.  Lastly the smells of Augusta, so fragrant that one with allergies would endure the suffering of this course.  Its bountiful dogwood trees, flowering beds, and glistening pines are the smells I miss most.

I know that every golfer wishes someday to make the trip or cross this venture off their bucket list and you can.. If you are lucky enough to win a ticket by lottery.  As there are no tickets sold anymore, one must register at www.masters.org during the Masters tournament for a possible chance to win a ticket for next years’ Masters.  I hope you may have the opportunity someday.  Until then, enjoy the voice of Jim Nantz as he so elegantly eludes to the beauty Augusta has to offer.